Changing the stats: why Darts don’t date

by Chase Webb

Dating is a big part of our lives in high school, but sometimes it feels as if the odds are stacked against us.

According to, 41 percent of the adult population of Utah is single with one of the worst single-to-non-single ratios in the country.

I think there is a way to change that statistic for the better. It seems to me that people are almost afraid to date and I don’t understand why. If people just went on dates, it would make it easier for everyone. Sure dates can be nerve-wracking, but the more dates that a person goes on, the more they’ll get used to it.

Dating a variety of people is one way to find the right kind of person you want to be with. No matter who the other person is there is always something to talk about. Ask your date about likes and dislikes, what their dreams are, or what they plan to do over the summer. There are many icebreakers that can be used, they just need to be brought up. However, no matter what topic comes up, avoid talking about past relationships– reported that it’s the number one conversation-killer on a first date.

Another difficulty that comes up in the dating world is “the first move.” Being the one to ask on a date is typically expected of men, but that just makes me think that girls are supposed to sit around and hope that someone wants to go out with them. No girl should have to do that–they should take it upon themselves to plan the date if they truly want to go on one.

Despite busy schedules, high schoolers should be taking the time to socialize–high school is a time in life to have fun. Statistics shouldn’t be used to discourage, they should be used as a reason to change.