Are you Hungry?


Annie Haycock

Do you suffer from a growling stomach that decides to sound like a rock concert in the middle of class? Do you struggle to decide where to go to lunch with your friends, and have time to eat it before the hour is over? Do you get emotional when you have to look at your empty bank account… well there is a solution for you.

Going out to lunch as a poor high school student in Kaysville Utah is quite the adventure. There are very limited options and most of them are very pricey. These restaurants drain the life out of your wallet, and for what? Today we are going to dive into what the #1 restaurants are to travel to for lunch on a typical school day.

Seniors Kate Sargent and Kate Hodgeson said “Jimmy Johns” is the place to go. “The service is great and you can get your sandwich super fast. It is cheep and worth every penny.”

Sarah Quillen another experienced senior said “I have five words for you, Jimmy’s is where its at.”

Through high school student research Jimmy johns seemed to have a majority vote for being a #1 rated joint to go to lunch.  But looking at other students opinions jimmy johns was not the only popular restaurant.

Gavin cox a senior at Davis high school said costa Vida was his favorite place for lunch. He said the reason he loves it is because they have “Good Nachos.”

Some students in the Junior class agreed that Costa Vida is the #1 lunch spot. Junior Jake Moore stated “They are really quick with crafting your food, the longest part is waiting in the line.”

Some runner ups were big daddy’s pizza, taco time, and Dylan’s.

To sum things up in the opinions of Davis students Jimmy johns and Costa Vida are the most popular places to go for lunch. They are quick and not gonna steal all of the money out of your walletIf your ever in doubt you know where to go.