Are new year’s resolutions a waste of time?


Corran Cottrell

Studies show fewer than 10% of new year’s resolutions are successful yet many Americans continue the tradition of setting them every year. Davis High students and teachers share their opinions on whether new year’s resolutions are all they are hyped up to be. 

“I set 3 new year’s resolutions this year, the first being to not let relationships get in the way of finances, the second to eat healthier, and the third to have $10,000 in my bank by the end of the year.” said a student at Davis High when asked about his resolutions. 

This student has kept all three of his resolutions so far and is currently progressing toward his goals, losing 10 pounds, and gaining more money for his financial goal. 

When asked about what he thinks of new year’s resolutions the student contemplatively replied “I think they are good if they have been thought long and hard about, and if they are followed to the end” 

Some would argue that you should not wait until new years to improve your life and set your goals, but instead do them right now instead of waiting for an arbitrary date. 

Among those who oppose new year’s resolutions is a chemistry teacher at Davis High School. 

“Resolutions don’t work, they accomplish the exact opposite of their intent. When you don’t achieve them, like much of the population, it depresses you and leaves you unmotivated. It is another case of doing what everybody else does and you’ll end up just like them.” said the chemistry teacher confidently after being asked why he didn’t set any new year’s resolutions. 

That begs the question, if new year’s resolutions are not the way to go then what should we do instead? 

“Set daily goals that are actionable, measurable and can be improved upon, basically SMART goals. Next day make sure you can improve upon what you have done before. Don’t wait until new years to start improving your life start now.” said the chemistry teacher after being asked what people should do instead of new year’s resolutions. 

Whether you set new year’s resolutions or decide not to wait and set daily goals, the most important thing is that you stick with the goal to the end.  

As the chemistry teacher said in closing, “You need to spend your day in action not in reaction.”