A Lack of Motivation and Taking Break Days as a Student

Connor Dezember

As the year is getting closer to ended, students especially seniors just want to be done with school as a whole.

Then with wanting to be done causes more problems, a lack of motivation.  The third term for most students is the hardest term of the year with teachers ramping everything up further with students motivation and mental health steeply declining

Pair that with a majority of juniors and seniors having jobs after school from anywhere to 3-8 hours after an already 8 hour day.  That time span does not leave a whole lot of room for a mental or even a physical break.

Students sometimes just need a break from school.  Either a mental break away from the crowds and abundance of work, or a sort of “motivation reset day” where one stays home but tries to get as much work done as possible in hopes to bring their motivation back.

“I take days off to focus on my hobbies and interests to reset and trick my brain into thinking I’m happy for long enough to power through my work.  If I can trick my brain into thinking I’m happy, I can trick it into thinking I have motivation as well”, said Hallie Kinsley.

“[When I need to] I skip classes like I am currently doing and I’ll blame my absence on the teacher missing me when taking roll, So I can take a much needed break [and not face problems at home for it]”, said anonymous.

“I think break days are vital for a person to be happy and successful.  if my parents hadn’t allowed break days during my junior year I wouldn’t have survived.  And when I lose motivation I swan dive into a sever depressive episode.  In conclusion, our generation is screwed.”, said Grace Mayor.

“I definitely just skip, school no longer exists if I do not have motivation for it”, Said Nick Arancibia.

So mental health and break days are a great way to overall recover from life and a great way to get out of a small funk and gain that motivation back to keep working on school and to just have better days.