What do Davis students think about individualism?


Keaton Flagg

A Russian woman by the name of Ayn Rand created an ideology of individualism. Individualism is based on the idea of follow your personal desires and do not sacrifice your life for others happiness. Some of the students had things to say about it including “That selfish”, “its not the worst idea”, and even including “more people should be like that”.

A kid by the name of Kaden, believes that individualism is a very good idea because too many people work their life away and most don’t enjoy that. There are some people who enjoy their work more then their life outside of work. Another kid by the name of Sarah believes that individualism is a terrible idea and it is extremely selfish as well.

The fault in individualism is too many people take it to the extreme. Kaden is a prime example of this as he admitted he takes individualism to the extreme. He goes as far as saying “People who just sit around and expect you to help them are the weaker ones in our society. I refuse to help the lazy and ignorant”, when the other people were asked about it they had somethings to respond with.

The first thing they both said was very similar, “That is such a horrible way to put it” Sarah added on that with “Not everyone can do the same amount of work as you can”. The final student, Isaac, said “I mean he isn’t wrong because you have people who sit around and expect handouts”. He was referring to the people who accept unemployment checks.

Kaden nor Sarah had anything extra to say, but Isaac did have something to add that peaked my interest. When asked if he had anything left he responded with “Lots of people think individualism means do everything yourself with no help. What it really is, is don’t serve the man if you don’t want to. Basically follow your personal desires”.