What is underneath Davis High School?


Dominic Garrido

Davis High School is a very old school building, built back in 1914 in Kaysville, UT. Davis High is exactly 220 yards away from the very center of the county. Because the school is so old, it was built in war times, many other schools in Utah the same age of DHS have integrated fallout/bomb shelters.


The bomb shelters in other schools are made for obvious safety reasons in case something nuclear were to happen in the 1940s. Everyone in Davis High School knows that the school does have a basement, but that is all the staff classifies it as.

Many have theorized that the first underground floor is an actual staff only basement, but there are more floors, leading deeper underground with large tunnels and stairways. This may have been built for war reasons to protect students and staff.

We know of a secret swimming pool that resides underneath Davis High School but that’s it.”   –Carrie Scott

There has to be something down there that they are hiding from us, it isn’t empty.”                     –Brandon Garrido

Very few of the staff have access to the basement but I do not yet, I have asked before and all they say is that it’s a single floor basement for the heaters, emergency generators, and other uninteresting equipment.” –Alicia Garrido

The school today is not the same as it was before when built in 1914, it was rebuilt in 2003-2004 to what we know it as today.

Nobody really knows what is down there, the staff keeps it a secret and says it is just a basement. But how else can people find out what is truly underneath Davis High School? Could it be a secret government weapon storage? Or maybe a secret bar and dance club? Or even dinosaurs.

Personally, I don’t think we’re really ever going to know until the school staff tells us exactly what is down there, but it is NOT just a basement.