The now famous graduates of Davis High School


Dominic Garrido

Ever wanted to know what famous people graduated from Davis High School? Well in this article, all those people will be named. Around 2000 students attend Davis High every year, and some are now famous and it’s fun to learn about what those people did to become famous and to see what Davis High offers!


First off, we have Rob Bishop, graduated from Davis High School in 1969, since then he served for the US House of Representatives from 1979 to 1994. Second, we have Nolan Bushnell also known as “the father of electronic gaming”, graduated in 1964 and went to University of Utah to get a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He is the co-founder of Atari, an old electronic gaming platform, he also invented the very popular “Pong” game, and also founded Chuck E. Cheese.


James Cowser, graduated from Davis High School in 2009, he played as a defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders. Next up is Bernard Francis Fisher, unknown graduation date, first living member of the United States Air Force to receive the Medal of Honor.


Cal Rampton, graduated from Davis High in 1931 and became the 11th governor of Utah. Jared Ward, graduated in 2007 and finished 4th place in 2016 Olympic Games marathon in Rio de Janeiro.


Daniel Summerhays, unknown graduation date, American professional golfer, won three state championships at Davis from 1999 to 2002. And lastly, Matthew Simmons, graduated in 1961. Author of “Twilight in the Desert”, and founded the company, “Simmons & Company International” in 1974.


Those are all the very well-known people that graduated from Davis High School. I hope this article showed you what exactly Davis High School can offer to its students and gave you some ideas about what to do after graduating. Will you be on the next list?