A bright new face enters Davis High

A bright new face enters Davis High

Kennedy Barker, Writer

Many may know her as Morgan Bunch’s mom or by the coolest English teacher ever! This energetic and loving teacher is named Mrs. Bunch.

Mrs. Bunch grew up in Southern California and moved here to go to college at BYU. While there, she was the life of the party and thrived in the college environment.

“I am passionate about helping kids be better writers and readers,” said Bunch. For this reason, she became an English teacher at Davis this year. She teaches sophomores and seniors and raves about her job!

Mrs. Bunch is a mother of 4 beautiful children and 3 of them are Davis graduates! Her last one, Jack, is a sophomore this year at Davis as well.

“I love to be transported to different places through reading!” says Bunch. Her favorite hobby is reading, and she loves all different kinds of genres!

“I hope I am very friendly, and I like to build people up” stated Mrs. Bunch. Just by talking with her for a few minutes you can feel her light and her happiness.

She carries these same characteristics to incorporate them in the classroom. Her goal is to help kids reach their potential by creating a safe space and a warm environment.

She doesn’t want the kids to fail, she wants them to succeed. She does this by trusting them to get their work done and giving them opportunities to express themselves.

Bunch has already been heavily involved in the lacrosse teams here at Davis High. Her husband helps coach the girls team. They are both big parts of that team and we don’t know what we would do without them!

If I could pick one word to describe Megan Bunch it would be joy. You feel joy by just being around her and I hope that she will stick around at Davis High for years to come!