High School Relationships

by Hailee Smith


With spring upon us, more and more couples are starting to form. Some high school couples may make it and eventually get married, but more likely, the relationship will end and the two members of the couple will go their separate ways. When this happens and a couple breaks up, it ends in one of three ways: the good way, the bad way and the ugly way.

The good way to end a relationship depends a lot on if you’re an optimistic person. This way is to leave them, knowing that you’re a better person because of them and that the other person taught you a lot. Many people refer to of all the “wasted time” they spent on that person. A better way to think of all the time spent with that person is as a lesson. If things don’t work out, at least you learned more about yourself and what you want or don’t want in future relationships. That person taught you important things that you couldn’t have figured out by yourself. And you probably had a lot of fun with them while you learned those things. Whether you want to admit it or not, in most cases, your ex made you a better person and you should thank them.

The bad way for a relationship to end is if you leave hating them and never wanting to speak to anyone of that gender ever again. There is always an acceptable mourning period of bashing on your ex with your friends, eating junk food, and crying until you’re sick, but to remain bitter towards that person for the rest of your life will only hurt you. Letting them ruin your outlook on love and life and hope for future relationships will not make them apologize or make you feel better. All it will do is tear you down slowly and give the person that broke your heart more control over you. You have the power to move on and let yourself be happy. It’s important to get to the point where you’re not going out of your way to avoid that person. Obsessing over them is not healthy. Don’t give them power over you after it’s already over.

The third and worst way to end a relationship truly is ugly. Once a relationship is over, don’t get back together with the same jerk that broke your heart. So many relationships in high school end and then start back up again a week later. Then they end and then they start. Listen to Taylor Swift on this one and just say “we are never, ever, ever getting back together.” Now, there is an exception to this rule: if the person you are getting back together with looks like your ex and sounds like your ex and makes you happy like your ex used to, but is a different person, then you should give them a chance. But you have to know, somehow, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are not the person who broke your heart and wouldn’t make the same mistakes that they did before.