Inexperienced team looks to not be a problem

Inexperienced team looks to not be a problem

Easton Baggett, Writer

The darts basketball team lost 8 seniors but still feel very comfortable going into the new season. With great team chemistry in the senior class and a few under classman to the team, the darts are very confident.

For the past few years these players have focused on trust and communication, they feel that this will lead them into success. Colby Whicker the senior point guard feels that he is creating a good bond with the underclassman right now during the off season.

“The underclassman are going to help us this year so it is important to develop chemistry with them this offseason.” Colby whicker said.

Different play styles have been added to the team and players feel that if certain roles are met, the team will play comfortably and will succeed.

“We are a younger team, but we have put a lot of work in over the off season. We just need to fill our roles in and will have a successful year.” Zach Fisher said.

The darts have multiple weapons on offense and very stout on defense. With these skills and a little bit of work on the off season, the season should go as planned for the darts.

The darts have tons of confidence in their coaches to set them for success, this leads them all to the same goals in mind. The players want a region title and to make a deep run into the playoffs.

“As long as we all are on the same page and have, the same common goal in mind, it makes accomplishing that goal much easier.” Zach fisher said.

Having the same goals in mind and all buying into the plan, the darts are very confident going into the season. Very excited to put all the steps together and earn there way to a region title.