Emery Jacobs sees big things ahead for the soccer team

Hank Wright, Writer

With the end of their regular season coming to an end, Davis high school girls soccer has big goals in mind like bringing another state trophy to Davis high school.

Emery Jacobs, who is the team captain and also leads the team with thirteen goals, has big goals ahead for the team and even said that they want to win state and she believes that they can do that if they work together and play their best soccer now.

 “Souli , who is the head coach, had us all meet together to set up some goals or things that we want to accomplish as we come to the end of our regular season and we came to an understanding that we have enough talent to win state and that is our goal.” said Jacobs.

After a sad defeat to Syracuse on senior night 3-2 Emery said that the girls still have a lot to look forward to and even though they can’t win region that they still know how good they can be and how good they are.

When asked how being the leading scorer and that captain of the team helps her with confidence and leading the team, Jacobs said this, “It helps for the bigger games and it helps the team to have confidence in me and in what I say in trying to help us be better and win.”

With a record of nine wins and five loses and one more regular season game left the girls are hoping to be playing their best soccer as a team coming into the last stretch of their season. Their last game will be against their cross town rival Layton on Thursday September 29 at Layton high school where last time we played Layton we won three to zero.

When asked about motivating the team Jacobs had this to say, “It’s important to win out and motivate the team when we win and even when we lose still being that voice to bring the team up and let them know that it is okay.”

As they approach the end of their season the Davis high girls soccer team is expected to be playing their best soccer when it matters most and with big goals ahead like winning a state championship.