Davis High Marching band lights up the stage with Boogie Beethoven


James Gordon, Writer

Davis High Marching Band takes 2nd at Payson High School on September 17th .The band played their piece “Shattered” – a unique version containing different genres of artists including legendary classical composer, Beethoven.

Davis had a few minor hiccups and technical issues; however, judges were impressed by their performance saying the band has potential.

The band’s show “Shattered” is a unique piece including jazz & funk covers of Beethoven famous piece “Für Elise,” and the ballad of the song being inspired by Adele’s “Skyfall.”

Through rigorous dedication and training, the marching band’s determination is solid as a rock. They have slowly transformed from being a band that plays music to a band that performs a show: connecting with their audience.

“I think more has gone into this show planning-wise with different effects, props, writing it, and our drill, and everything than we ever have before. And I think that’s going to pay off” says Charlotte Lindeman.

The marching band also have an overall positive opinion of their show. Saying that members enjoy what they are playing, they are excited, and emotionally invested.

“You can definitely sense performance quality when they perform. There’s a difference between a band that’s performing well because they practice and a band that’s performing well, because they practice, but also because they love what they’re playing.” Says Lindeman.

After Davis’s devastating defeat, falling behind Farmington and American Fork in last year’s show Bands of America Championship in St. George, the band is ready to bounce back and shatter their previous defeat.

Davis wants redemption and they are on the path to success, “I think we will likely be a finalist, and being a finalist puts you among some very fun bands. And we are one of them.” says Mr. Crookston.