The 2nd Annual Backyard Battle

Easton Baggett, Writer

Davis high football team erupts the crowd Friday night, bringing home the chain after a game sealing interception on Friday night.

Going into the cross-town rivalry the Phoenix were undefeated, while the darts had 3 losses. People thinking Davis was going to lose, the darts in the back of there mind knew that would compete.

“The whole week of practice coaches and players were very dialed in which made us know we had good shot to have the game in our hands.” Jackson Stevens said.

The rivalry means a lot to the players and community which makes this game so intense every year. With full stands and fans on their feet this year’s game was very back and forth and came down to the wire.

“The fans helped going into the 4th quarter a lot, they allowed us players to feel the intensity of the game and to go compete for the community.” Stevens said.

As the game came down to the wire and the last second came off the clock, the fans rushed the field. With nothing but excitement the darts celebrated there win over the Phoenix with the students and community.

After a hard worked week, the darts received the chain and began taking pictures and celebrated the backyard battle win. This excitement was celebrated all night and carried on into the weekend.

“The excitement in locker room and celebrating with the student section is something I will never forget being a part of.” Stevens said.

The darts win over the phoenix was a big deal and a memory that will never be forgotten in the community. This game will be the talk around town for a while and was a very special win.