Davis High overcomes inequality for boys’ volleyball

Davis High overcomes inequality for boys’ volleyball

Jack Byers, Writer

In many schools across the United States boys’ volleyball isn’t even mentioned. Whereas girls volleyball has region championships, tournaments, and state championships. But Davis high is changing that.

The severe unpopularity in boys’ volleyball begins with the opportunity to play. Because high schools don’t have teams’ boys that want to play have to find private clubs and teams that are very expensive. And in many cities, there aren’t even private clubs for boys to play in.

Colleges often don’t have boys’ volleyball teams either, only 22 Division I NCAA colleges have some sort of a program. This causes men that would love to play volleyball to not even have a chance to play it. In addition, many men that haven’t ever played volleyball could also potentially love it.One of the main problems with boys’ volleyball is that it is known as “a girls sport”. Especially at Christian schools. Basketball, Soccer, and even Baseball are all leading men’s sports, while volleyball is on the backburner.

Boys’ volleyball is one of the best team sports there is. It always takes at least 2 people to set the ball and spike it. And it usually takes 3. Your responsible for your zone and you set the ball so your teammate can have the success in spiking it for a point.

“Working with a team and growing in a team aspect is what I enjoy the most about boys’ volleyball. Everyone has a part working together.” Said Josh Wood, player at Davis High.

The environment of a volleyball game is strictly from the momentum, and momentum can change quite frequently. If someone makes one mistake it can cause the other team to get a point and players can’t be negative to each other or else they will lose more momentum and not work as a team.

“The overall aspect is having fun you can always stay in the game so its very positive.” Said Wood.

With boys’ volleyball they can only practice once or twice a week because it isn’t an actual sport creating boys to not be very interested in a sport that seems casual. Boys are very competitive in nature and lose interest very quickly

“Practice is on Thursdays from 6 to 8, we don’t get much time because we are a club.” Said Wood.

We are excited for boys’ volleyball to become a sanctioned sport next year. So that boys can enjoy a sport they haven’t had the opportunity to play in very often. Hopefully boys’ volleyball stays a sport for a long time and gets more popular and competitive.