Girls State Tennis 2022


Doug Devore, Writer

The Davis High tennis team is getting ready for the playoffs. Davis looks to make some noise as an underdog. Anni Goaslind believes that the Darts will be able to do well in the first round this year.

“It has gone worse because we lost ten seniors, but now we have a young team to make stronger for next year,” Anni Goaslind explained when asked about how the season has gone this year versus last year.

You can always expect to get a little worse after losing a lot of seniors, but having a young team absolutely has its benefits. If you have a younger team, you can compete for the current year while preparing for the future.

“I think we will be successful in the first round, but I believe that the Layton team is really good and a tough opponent,” Goaslind said after being asked about playoff expectations.

In the first round Goaslind is matched against Mazie Purser from Corner Canyon. Goaslind is the underdog with the ninth seed while Purser is the eighth seed. Goaslind is confident that she can go in and win.

In the second round Goaslind will compete against either the one seed or the sixteenth seed. It will be very difficult for Goaslind to go against one of the best players in the state tournament. Goaslind knows she can hold her own.

“She would say walk into the game with the same amount of energy every time,” Goaslind explained how Coach Frey would want the team to prepare for the playoffs.