Davis High girls volleyball is on a roll


Davis High girls volleyball stuns Layton on a clean 3-0 sweep on October 4 leaving them playing their best volleyball when it matters most as they approach the end of their regular season.

“We were all confident and trusted in each other going into this game.” Said Aubrey Nielson who is leading the team in kills per set with 3.5 kills.

As they approach the end of their regular season with a record of 18 wins and 6 losses putting them second in the region just behind Syracuse. With winning region still in sight they hope to win out their remaining four games in hopes to set themselves up for the state playoffs.

“Winning out is important for us if we want to win region and working together as a team is our way to get that.” With big plans and goals ahead Nielson emphasizes how important team work is in volleyball and how important it is for all of them to be working together doing their job.

In volleyball it is very important that everyone works together and does their job, with that being said Nielson made sure to emphasize how well this team is able to work together to beat the teams and preform as well as they have been.

“We were confident in each other and knew what we were capable of going into a game like this because we know what we have done before and what we can do.” Nielson said when asked about playing Layton at their place.

Davis high girls volleyball has been playing some of their best games yet and still have a shot at winning region if they can win out and prepare themselves for the playoffs. With just three games left and them winning two region games in a row it is looking like bright days are ahead for the Davis High girls volleyball team.