LIA and what it is about


Kennedy Barker, Writer

LIA stands for Latinos in Action. “LIA is a class that helps minority students become involved in their communities and learn about their culture” says Haley Tovar. 

Haley Tovar is part of the presidency of LIA and has been a part of LIA since she was a sophomore. She loves LIA and the strong friendships she has created.  

“Our end goal is to expose the LIA program as much as possible” stated Erick Perez. Erick is also in the presidency and has been a member since his sophomore year as well.  

To be a part of LIA you don’t need to be a minority, LIA would love to have anyone join! The teacher for LIA is Ms. Turner. She hosts the class 6th period, and you must have at least a 2.0 GPA.  

There are 5 different sections of LIA, and each section has a president. There is social, service, professional, cultural, and a dart president. 

Perez and Tovar both rave about the activities that these presidencies plan. Some of these activities are movie nights, trunk or treats, food bank, classic fun center, and college tours. 

One of LIA’s goals is also to get students ready for college. LIA students have the opportunity to tour campuses in Utah to make students excited for college. 

“We want to subside stereotypes and stop people’s preconceived ideas about Hispanics,” said Tovar.  

LIA was founded for this very reason, in 2001 when it was created, Jose Enriquez wanted to stop this chain and rumor about Hispanics and education.  

Dr. Enriquez himself earned a doctorate and is still determined to this day to help minorities find their voice and encourage them to further their education. 

LIA is a great opportunity to further your education and learn more about culture. LIA is also a great place to find your voice. Join LIA today!