DHS Choirs find their voice at fall 2022 choir concert


Brynlee Beckstrand, Writer

It’s that time of year again for all DHS choirs! Concert day was on Thursday October 20th, where all the choirs came together in the auditorium to show what they’ve been working on leading up to this point in the year.
The concert starts out with DHS’ own Bell Choir. First song is “Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace”, at some points people were handling 4 bells at a time in 2 hands! Next was “I’ve Got Peace Like a River” using the bells in a Tibetan method. Last up is “From a Distant Home”, in this song they were even drumming on the bells at one point.
Next up is Ladies Ensemble starting off the vocal choirs. They start out with “Nine-hundred Miles”, that had beautiful arrangement. “Murasame” is a Japanese folk song, with soloist Jessica Mangelson. “Shoo-fly Pie & Apple Pan Dowdy” is a shoutout to the “scatting era” with soloists, Marta Cleverly, Piper Larson, Isabelle Jorgensen, and Jade Liu. Last up is “I Will Carry the Light” with soloist Laneah Ross.
After the Ladies, comes the Men’s Chorus starting off with the “Riversong.” Secondly is “Steel Man Drivin’”, a song about John Henry and his tall tale, soloists include Joe Hollenbeck, Lucas Scatterthwaite, and even Wick Lister as John Henry himself. Next up is “Shalom” with gorgeous harmonies and lastly is “A Trilogy of Knighthood.”
“I loved the very last note of the Men’s Chorus’ last song, it was just so perfect.” Ms. May answered.
After the Men, then comes the Madrigals starting off with “Exsultate Justi in Domino” which is a Latin gospel song. Secondly, is “Hela Rotan”, an Indonesian folk song about living together in harmony beside our differences. Next up is “The Music is Stillness”, that had amazing vocals & dynamics. Lastly, “I Don’ Feel No Ways Tired” that was entirely acapella.
“The most memorable performance is probably the end of year Madrigals Concert, they are such close friends by the end and when they sing for the last time it’s sad because it’s their last time all together, but they’re also happy because of all the relationships they’ve made.” Ms. May stated.
Following the Madrigals, them comes the all-girls choir, Limited Edition. Starting off strong with a completely acapella song, “Fair Phyllis.” Next up was “Where the Light Begins” with a stunning piano arrangement. Lastly, was “Cumana” which is a city on the coast of Venezuela that had charming harmonies.
“My favorite part about the choirs performing is when a choir does something exactly as practiced.” Ms. May said.
Last up is the Acapella Choir, wrapping up our Fall 2022 choir concert. Starting off strong with South African song, “Bayasibiza” with soloists Josh Franson & Cameron Littlefield, along
with Brennan Wells on the Djembe. Secondly, is “Set Me as a Seal” that had a lovely arrangement at the piano. Next up, “Lakeside Lullaby” that can literally put you right by the lake. Last but not least, “The Gospel Ship” that even had the audience participate in singing with them.
A special shout out to the DHS Stage Crew, the accompanists, Leanna Wente, Kate Christensen, Ellie Hale, Hailey Luke, Olivia Prince, Leanna Goff, Scott Wood. Ms. May for putting on the whole concert with the help of her choirs, and the DHS Administration for their support of the fine arts