Ho ho no: Davis High School’s 2022 Christmas dance canceled


Laine Blaser, Writer

For the past couple of weeks, rumors have been bouncing around the Davis High student body regarding the cancellation of the Christmas and Sweethearts dances. Suspicions have been confirmed when replacement dance dates were announced: Rock the New Year on January 21st, 2023, and MORP on March 4th, 2023.

The student body is disappointed, confused, and seeking answers regarding the sudden changes to two of the most looked forward to events of the year.

“The biggest reason the dances were changed is Sub for Santa also happening in December. The SBO’s plan all the dances and run Sub for Santa, so it was too much to do at the same time,” says Davis High student body officer, Megan Herbst.

This confirmed reasoning behind the dance changes does not satisfy many students at Davis High School. Sub for Santa and the Christmas dance have been happening simultaneously in the month of December for many years at Davis High school. What has changed this year?

Making drastic changes to both girls’ choice dances at Davis throws a wrench in many students’ plans for the school year. New Years and MORP do not cater to many students’ interests either.

“Dressing up in the middle of winter doesn’t sound very fun. Costumes are for Halloween, if they wanted to do a costume dance, they should’ve planned a Harvest or Sadie’s dance like all the other schools get to do.” Bella Jones, a senior at Davis High School says, regarding her thoughts about MORP.

Replacing a semi-formal dance with an informal one upsets many students. Typically, when schools have a fun, casual dance it is in addition to the original four dances they have throughout the school year – not a replacement.

“No one is celebrating New Years anymore at the end of January.” Ian Kerr says.

The student body and SBO’s of Davis High School feel like their voices have been ignored, and that they do not have a say in the activities that are created for their own enjoyment.

“We didn’t say much about the decision at all. I hardly heard anything about the idea until they had already made a decision.” Josh Webb says, who is a Senior SBO at Davis High School.

Feelings of betrayal among the student body are creating a negative atmosphere regarding the next two dances. Many girls are no longer looking forward to asking a date to the dance because there is such a pessimistic stigma surrounding the next dances.

Despite the disappointed feelings that have been circulating, Davis High School dances are always one to remember. The next two dances will surely create fun and lasting memories for all who attend, no matter what the theme is.