Gavin Ellis: A shining star in the shadows of Davis  


James Gordon, Writer

Gavin Ellis, DTV editor in chief, shines as he helps to keep weekly DTV broadcasts running smoothly. 

Every Wednesday, classes show DTV’s weekly broadcast which showcases news and interesting stories in a comedic and hopeful way. New editor in chief, Gavin Ellis, fills in on his role and experience creating Davis’s weekly outlet.  

Ellis joined DTV because it sounded fun, and it was a way to push himself into another extracurricular activity for his final year. It was not long after that Ellis learned that the current chief editor needed an extra hand.  

Being Editor in Chief, you come across many trials playing an important role. You must keep things moving with stories, deadlines, participation, and jumping in when needed. This would give Ellis a sweet taste of leadership. 

DTV gives Ellis a great opportunity as it is a way for him to showcase broadcasts he’s worked on and people he’s worked alongside with. 

“It’s special…Everyone in there is a lot of fun to work with. DTV in general, is just, it’s really entertaining. It’ll hold a place in my heart,” says Ellis.  

Besides DTV, Ellis works after school at a local favorite called Dylan’s on 200 N. Despite working 32 hours a week, Gavin weasels in time for homework, friends, family, and his hobbies. 

Gavin writes poetry, is learning audio through the Davis Catalyst, plays guitar, and is part of the photo club. Gavin’s hobbies are fueled by his flaming passion for creating a story, capturing a memory, and his love for music.  

“Whether it’s taken from your cellphone, a DSLR, point-and-shoot, film camera, the end goal is for it to capture a memory,” says Ellis. 

Friends of Gavin would describe him as a selfless, unique, caring, calm, hardworking, and a goofball with a kind heart. 

“I try to respect anyone I meet. I think respect is very important in the world. You can hate someone but still respect them,” says Ellis. 

People that have inspired Gavin are Derek Miller who has supported him through hardships, his father who has struggled yet still finds a way to stay on his own two feet, and Citizen soldier who has shown Ellis that life keeps going on. 

After high school, Ellis plans to complete his generals, and find out a new way to print his mark on the world.  

Gavin is very humble and kind, and truly represents what it means to be a Davis Dart. An example of a shining star behind the curtain of Davis Highs School.