Davis Wins State as Huge Underdogs


Hank Wright, Writer

Davis High girls’ soccer entered the state tournament as a 7 seed and managed to pull of some big upsets to beat their cross-town rivals, Farmington 1-0 at Zions Bank stadium for the state trophy.


“Coming into a game like this we knew that we had to come together as a team and that this was more important than ever that we were playing our best soccer and listening to our coach.” Said Kayla Wade who scored the only goal of the game off a header to put the darts up.


Because Farmington was in Davis Highs region the two teams had already played each other twice in the regular season resulting in the darts winning one and Farmington winning one so the state championship both teams knew they had to be playing at the top of their game to win.


“Winning the game against Farmington just made winning the state championship that much better, it also helped to raise the atmosphere of the stadium, and also of the fans that were their making it to be a super fun experience.” Said Wade.


With a packed stadium and a lot on the line for both teams Davis came with a great game plan, after scoring a goal in the first half Davis highs coach, Souli Phongsavath the head coach then put his team in a defensive formation which helped them to hold Farmington to a shut out to win the game.


“With an awesome coach and a lot of juniors I am very excited for next year and what it has to offer and our big hopes to win state again.” Said Wade when asked about how she thought next year would go.


With Kayla Wade only being a junior and 4 of the starters being Juniors as well theirs going to be a lot of girls returning with a lot of experience after playing in the state championship this year hoping to do it back to back.