Join the student council! 


Kennedy Barker, Writer

Are you looking for a new way to get involved at Davis that helps boost the people around you? The student council would be the perfect place for you! What is the student council exactly? 

“Student council is a way to help kids be more involved in the school” stated Allie Snapp. Allie is the senior class advisor for the council.  

Student council is the bridge between the SBO’s and the students here at Davis. The student council is there to help with any upcoming events and activities. 

This class is a combined class, new this year, for all grades. There is a senior and junior class advisor that work with the SBO’s to better the atmosphere of the school. 

This is a chance to not only help in the community of the school, but to make lots of new friends! There are about 65 members on the student council and everyone that tries almost always makes it in. 

“Something that we started this year is fanny pack Friday,” said Megan Chamberlain. Chamberlain is the Junior class advisor for the student council. 

Fanny pack Friday is where everyone in the council gets a fanny pack full of treats. During the school day they will hand these candies out and get to know the person that they are sharing with. 

 This gives the council a chance to interact with the students and be a friend to those who don’t have any. 

“Some of the things that committee does are plan activities, decorating the school, and a ton of posters” says Snapp. 

The student council plays a big part in the school and can play a big part in your life! It is very fun and takes the pressure off from a hard school day.  

  To join the student council, you can sign up towards the end of the school year or talk to Mrs. Copier for more information.