Davis High swim dives into a fantastic season


Laine Blaser, Writer

The Davis High School swim team is the definition of hardworking and disciplined. This team is a family, they cheer each other on and challenge each other, ultimately bettering themselves at every meet.

The first meet of the year was on November 5th, 2022. Davis High swim placed 2nd in both men and women, a very exciting start to the season. Sam Carlson, a Davis High senior, broke a pool and meet record in the 50 free on Saturday, an incredible representation of Davis High.

“I swim the 50 free, 100 free, the 200 medley relay, and the 200 free relay.” Says Sam Carlson.

Carlson is an excellent example of the work the swim team at Davis High school puts into their sport. The competitive atmosphere of swim requires a lot of dedication, which is something the Davis High school swim team definitely has as they go into this new season.

“We all want to swim fast and make sure we are working hard and are disciplined.” Carlson says, commenting on the team’s outlook for this year’s season.

Swim is an individual sport, if each member of the team does not discipline themselves, it will reflect on the entire swim team’s performance. Good thing each member of the Davis High swim team shows extreme dedication to their sport, training early in the morning and often travelling far distances for meets.

Each swimmer has different goals for themselves, and a lot of goals are going to be met this season. Pushing yourself and pushing the limits, striving to meet new goals is the definition of swim as a sport, and the Davis High swim team reflects that.

“My goal is to break the state record in the 50 free and make sure me and my team work as hard as we can.” Carlson says.

Carlson has already taken steps to meet that goal, breaking the pool and meet record in the 50 free, proving the insane amounts of dedication and hard work he and the rest of the team have already been putting in, right at the beginning of the season.

This fantastic start to the season is only the beginning, as the Davis High swim team continues to put in the work, this season is sure to be an incredible one full of new records and goals met.