Davis High’s Dance Company


Photo cred: https://www.backstage.com/magazine/article/must-know-regional-dance-companies-10214/

Kloee Brower, Writer

The dance company focuses more on the artistic side of dance rather than the competitive. Berkeley Brunson said, “It’s an artistic dance company that focuses more on techniques, the emotion in dancing and the skills.”

The dance company also focuses on the students’ future and helps them prepare. Members of the dance company have the opportunity to get scholarships as well as gain their own experience in choreography.

The dance company practices every B day 1-3:30 and sometimes A days 2:30-3:30. Try outs for the dance company are held in May, to be part of the company you must, be able to have a certain level of required techniques and performance qualities. You would be graded on these techniques/ skills to see if you meet the qualifications.

Meredith Wright, an art history teacher at Davis High, who is also in charge of the dance company. Mrs. Wright danced her whole childhood as well as in college and professionally.  She was a member of the dance company herself in high school.

Berkeley Brunson also said, “Mrs. Wright is super nice, funny and very understanding.” Members of the dance company love it because of the uniqueness apart from other dance teams.

“Where normal dance teams are more focused on competition, the dance company gives the students opportunities to grow their skill levels not only as dancers but as well as choreographers.”- Berkeley Brunson.

Just like any sports/ clubs long lasting friendships and memories are made on the dance company. The students on the dance company go lunch together on B days and after every performance they go to Dylan’s.

This year on November 29th the Dance Company performs N.U.H.D. at Weber State where they get to perform dances that go along with children’s books for elementary kids. They’re also performing scrooge on December 9th and 10th at Weber State.