The mystery behind why In-N-Out is so packed every Friday

Hank Wright, Writer

In-N-out located in Centerville is known for its burgers and its crazy Friday nights. It has become a tradition and known throughout all the high schools that every Friday night after their football games that everyone meets at In-N-Out although no one knows why they started it’s been a tradition for many years now which leaves the popular restraint filled every Friday night.


“It’s always fun right after we win to meet up with and see everyone from all the different schools, it’s always cool to get to talk about our wins and the turnout of our game and also here from others how theirs went.” Said Easton Baggett who is a high school football player at Davis High school.


With this becoming such a popular tradition In-N-Out has started to have cops they’re as a precautionary measure as well as having one of their workers at the door telling people when they can come in, all to make sure that they keep the restraint functioning as smooth as possible with all the highschoolers that may show up.


“Typically, after a hard-fought football game I’m super hungry because I’ve been busy prepping and don’t eat during the game and nothing is better than their amazing burgers and fries.” Said Baggett.


Known for their amazing fresh food, all the football players after playing in a long game typically love to eat at In-N-Out. They have done a great job of controlling all the people that go to the popular restaurant after the game treating them with respect.


“I am always so surprised by how respectful all the workers are with how much disrespectful teenagers that there are or kids just being kids, the workers are always so patient and helpful with everyone.” Said Baggett.


They are more than just a restaurant that makes good food, they also emphasize how important it is to treat everyone with respect so that they will keep coming back. This has helped them to grow all over and keep people coming back and loving the quality food that they get every time.