Davis High’s midterm opinions


Doug Devore, Writer

The 8th of November was the midterm election in the United States. In the state of Utah one of the larger races was for a place in the senate. Evan McMullin was hoping to challenge Mike Lee. Evan McMullin was running as an independent and Mike Lee as a republican.  

20 Davis High students were asked who they would vote for. 16 out of the 20 students said they would vote for Mike Lee. Those results are not shocking because Utah has a very conservative population.  

“I’d probably have to say Mike Lee because I’ve heard my parents talk about him a lot,” Richy Clark said when asked who he would vote for senate.  

That was one of the most common responses because most high schoolers are not educated in politics, so students will share their parents’ opinions. In the future students will be able to vote and unless they are taught how to research learn for themselves, they will keep their parents’ views.  

“Mike Lee because inflation is really bad. I don’t want my gas to be a thousand dollars,” Logan Gunn stated with an annoyance in his voice.  

Most republicans have been pushing inflation for their campaigns. This has helped many republicans because most Americans have been sick of the rise in prices of both food and gas across the country.  

“McMullin because he wants to lower the cost of health care,” Camden Wilson said.  

The United States is one of the only first world countries without universal health care. Lowering costs is the first step towards that. Right now, the price of insurance is out of control with people simply not going to the doctor when sick because they cannot afford it.  

Davis High School seems to be in favor of Mike Lee returning to the senate, but regardless of what you believe it is important to do your own research and vote. It is the civic duty of Americans to do their part and vote.