Davis High Cheer flips into the 2022 competition season



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Laine Blaser, Writer

Many people don’t know that the cheerleaders on the Davis High School cheerleading team do more than sideline cheering at the games. The cheer team works really hard each year to compete at intense cheer competitions and go head to head with other schools across the district and state. The first competition of the season is quickly approaching, on November 19th the girls will be competing at Riverton.

The Davis High cheer team is feeling confident heading into this season.

“Our team is feeling a lot more confident than we have in past years. We are still nervous about hitting all our stunts as well as our tumbling but we have worked really hard and have a good feeling about the upcoming competition.” says Ashley Wade, a senior cheerleader at Davis High School.

Cheerleading is not for the weak. It may appear easy to some people, but the dedication that goes into learning many different cheers and stunts goes beyond what can be observed at a football game. These girls have put in long hours and early mornings into their sport and are excited to display what cannot be shown at a single football game.

“Cheering on the sidelines and competing are very different. Competing 4 different routines takes a lot of time and effort. It’s a lot of choreographing, cleaning, and full outs. Cheer routines when competing take everything out of you. Cheering on the sidelines is a lot less stressful.” says Wade.

Formulating large, elaborate stunts is definitely a challenge not everyone can take on. Not only physical strength, but the trust the girls must have in each other to succeed is a rare bond not formed in many other places.

Each member of the cheer team has different strengths and a different reason for doing cheer. When these strengths all come together into one routine, each girl is highlighted in a different way making for an excellent, and cohesive performance.

“I enjoy competitions more than I do cheering on the sidelines. It’s the reason I do cheer. I love supporting my school, but the feeling of being out on the floor of a competition and showing off what you have worked the whole year for can’t be beat.” said Wade.

The Davis High cheerleading team has a lot worthy of showing off this year. Spectators get a taste of their abilities during half time at football games, but competitions are where the cheerleaders will really shine.

The cheerleaders of Davis High school is set out for a fantastic cheer competition season. The hard work the girls have put in is overdue to be showcased, and the Davis High cheer team is going to blow the audience away with their performance this season.