Davis High’s unofficial mascot: Danny Brough


Cooper Smith, Writer

Davis High School has an official mascot, Dart man, but it also has an unofficial mascot, a student at Davis who has no lack of school spirit, Danny Brough. Brough is a senior who prides himself on being a Student Body Officer.

Brough loves to help out Davis in any way possible. As an officer, he helped plan Davis High School’s homecoming dance, and also plans on raising money for Sub For Santa, a charity to help children afford Christmas presents. Brough wants to put all the energy he can into planning prom this year as well.

Not only does Brough help with Davis High’s events, he also helps to make Davis a better environment. “I bring smiles and laughter to people’s faces.” Brough says. “I want to make people enjoy going to Davis.” He accomplishes this by always having a good attitude and a friendly personality.

Outside of lifting people’s spirits at Davis, Brough also likes to work out, practice lacrosse, play video games and hang out with friends. You’ll also often see him at his job at Cinemark Movie Theater in Farmington.

Brough wants Davis students to have the best possible experience. “Don’t dread high school, decide you’ll like it, and you lowkey kind of will.” Is his advice for students. This advice has helped him stay positive and have good morale throughout his senior year.

Brough loves marvel movies and watches every one that comes out in theaters. He also loves Pokémon cards and has an impressive collection of them. Brough can talk about these things for hours on end.

After graduating from Davis High School, Brough wants to attend Utah State University. Brough is unsure what he wants to do for a career but is considering “business routes”. No matter what he ends up doing, Brough will do it with the same positive attitude and giddiness he’s gone through high school with.