Davis High Alum About Tradition


Hank Wright, Writer

Davis is known for its many traditions and its history to many people, some traditions have even been here since the beginning of the school in 1914 that have never changed.


“Everything that I was able to experience in High School has given me so many memories full of great times with my friends and learning about who I am.,” said Randi Wright.


Randi Wright graduated from Davis High School 25 years ago and still has many lifetime memories and great experiences from this school. Full of tradition Davis High is great for teaching kids about life full of great teachers as well as great administration who keep the school running and amazing.


“I still have teachers that I am in contact with from Davis High and I am so thankful for everything that I was able to learn at this school and everything that it brought to my life.” Said Wright.


Not just the tradition at Davis High is amazing, it is also the many great teachers and people that you see around the school who are always kind and love to teach high school students. Davis high values teaching kids as well as giving each kid a great experience of High School.


“I’ve always known and hoped that I would have the opportunity to send my kids to Davis High school because of the experiences that I had their and wanting that same experience for my kids.” Said Wright.


Because of what Davis high has done and what they continue to do with tradition, education and kindness they are able to be known and looked at as a great place to send, and trust that their kids will be treated with respect and learn what they need to. Davis high is known for its many great aspects which make it a great High School.