Davis Highs nationally renowned musicals

Davis Highs nationally renowned musicals

Jack Byers, Writer

Davis Highs musicals have been the best in the state in the past years. With having the best musical of the state and/or best actor of the state in the past 3 years and soon to be 4.

This year Davis high is putting there own spin on “A Christmas Story.” With it being a classic Christmas story and the time of the play taking right before Christmas one can only imagine the bonus points it will be getting.

Davis High has been able to keep people entertained and on there seats the past few years. They keep it interesting and make sure that there is plenty emotion for the audience to feel. From happy to angry to sad, Davis high is keeping people on there toes.

“The story is almost the exact same but we have a different use of songs and scatter them more throughout the movie.” Said James Mathews, an actor at Davis high this year.

This shows that the long stretches of buildup in classical movies like A Christmas Story will be filled with song to keep the audience’s attention.

“I would definingly say that the leg lamp scene and Ralphy to the Rescue are my favorite scene this year.” Said Mathews.

One of the most popular parts of the movie is the leg lamp. And you can only imagine how Davis High will put a spin on it. Adding more humor and more popularity to the scene for the year.

Ralphie to the Rescue will be one of the funniest scenes in the musical this year. With a musical making fun of a musical you can only imagine the twists they will add from having embarrassing moments.

“There are so many classic moments but one that is the best to watch will be the Bunny Suit Part.” Said Mathews.

Putting a teenager into a pink bunny costume will almost always be entertaining, but putting a lead actor into the scene will be hilarious and will be one of the best parts of this Musical.

The Audience is advised to watch A Christmas Story before they go to the musical. It will only add to the entertainment, to be able to compare parts of each to each other will make it much better and more entertaining.