The Most Popular Christmas Gifts for Teens

Berkeley Brunson, Writer

With the start of the Christmas Season and the beloved holiday right around the corner, many wonder what gifts to buy for friends, siblings and partners. As Christmas lists begin to be written, the newest and most popular gifts for teens are now being decided! 

“It’s really hard to know what to get your friends for Christmas. They’re either incredibly picky, have no idea what they want, or just refuse to tell you.” Amanda Christenson said. 

“What I’ve discovered is that just paying attention to what they like in your regular every-day conversations, listening to them when they talk about their special interests, getting to know their hobbies, and paying attention to what they wear will be a big help when deciding what to get them for Christmas, especially if their picky or refuse to tell you what they want, like many of my friends.” 

Whether it’s gifting the artist a new set of drawing pencils, the gym rat some new activewear sets, or the reader their new favorite series, the secret is to simply pay attention.  

“Gifts are expensive nowadays. Especially if you buy from certain stores or specific sites. When I buy my friends Christmas gifts, I often search on Amazon for the best deals. My favorite finds are customized keychains and tumblers, claw clips, earrings, and portable chargers. “ Allison Marquess said.  

The trick is to buy from sites that sell a wide range of products, rather than incredibly specialized stores. However, if you have the budget a thoughtful and well-made item from local small businesses or Etsy shops would always make a wonderful gift and a worthwhile purchase.  

“Figuring out what to get my guy-friends is always the worst. They don’t seem to understand that a stupid, I don’t know, isn’t very helpful. A few gifts that I recycle between my guy friends is a ballcap with their favorite sports team, graphic t-shirts or hoodies, and funny socks. You’d also be surprised how much teenage boys adore stuffed animals.” Christenson stated. 

Pay special attention to favorite sports, teams, and bands. This’ll help you find a personalized and memorable gift, rather than something too generic or common. 

“My last and final tip is that you can never go wrong with fuzzy socks! ” Marquess continued.