Davis High marching band teaches students more than just the music


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Marching band provides music in the homecoming parade.

Laine Blaser, Writer

Marching band at Davis High School is a massive commitment. Three hour rehearsals on your feet, competitions every Saturday, and the infamous “band camp” where members of the Davis High marching band march from 8am-9pm every day for an entire week straight.

Many people would view the massive commitment that the marching band requires as too much, but it was not too much for recent Davis High School graduate, Cannon Blaser.

Blaser was an avid member of the Davis High School marching band. He participated in marching band from grades 9-12, along with summer band each year. Blaser played the sousaphone, and was section leader his senior year.

Marching band left a lasting impact on Blaser, the skills developed and friendships made help him navigate life outside of high school, which is a scary thing for many graduates who don’t know which direction to go in.

“Marching band taught me how to be a leader. It gave me a lot of opportunities to lead. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.” says Blaser.

Leadership, hard work, and dedication. All of which are ideal qualities to develop in high school so a student can graduate putting their best foot forward. Cannon Blaser did just that, with the help of the marching band.

Being a leader means more than just being in charge. During his time as section leader, Blaser discovered this.

“Being section leader taught me how to be patient with those I’m leading and how to lead others with a loving, yet strict mindset.” Blaser says.

On top of the key skills Blaser learned throughout his time in marching band, he also built strong relationships with his peers and teacher, Mr. Crookston.

“I made tons of life-long friends. I knew everyone in the band and got along with everyone. It was great.” says Blaser

Dedication and leadership skills definitely come along with being a member of the marching band at Davis High School. What people don’t always see however, was Blaser’s favorite part of being in the band: the friendships made and the memories that will last him a lifetime.

Now, Blaser utilizes these skills every single day. He is currently serving an LDS mission in Houston, Texas. He finds ways to build and strengthen the relationships he has formed there, drawing from skills he developed in marching band.