History behind turkey bowls


Easton Baggett, Writer

Every thanksgiving morning, city parks and grass fields are full of groups of people playing football. There is more meaning behind this then just a typical football game.

The first turkey bowl game was played in Germantown Philadelphia around 1869 and ever since this day the tradition has been followed and grows every year.

Thanksgiving morning turkey bowls allow all ages to meet together and celebrate the love and gratitude towards others. A turkey bowl allows people to wake u early and start your day off with a fun game of football with friends and family.

“One of the best part of the turkey bowl every year is visiting with people I have talked to in a longtime, it allows me to catch up on what I have missed.” Said Luke Christensen.

Even though turkey bowls are meant to be played for fun and to connect with others, thy can get very competitive if played with the right type of people.

“There have been a few years where the game got a little competitive, but this is completely normal because just like any other game, you are trying to win and that is the main goal.” Said Christensen.

Turkey bowls are played all over the world because it is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. Many people participate because they grew up having a love for the sport and now this is a way to keep being involved with the game they love.

“I miss playing football with all my best friends and the turkey bowl always unites us back together.” Said Jarin Koelicker.

The history of thanksgiving morning is pretty simple but yet such a great part of the day. It starts thanksgiving day off so well allows people to connect through a game they all love.