Upcoming talents at Davis High


Tate Archibald, Writer

The Davis High talent show is a huge event for some people, as it should. It is such a fun time to see the hard work people have put in to the show.

The first act to look out for is the upcoming school band, The Smog. It consists of 4 members, George Hickman on vocals and guitar, Isaiah Brough on lead guitar. Jett Puffer on bass guitar. and Tate Archibald on the drums. “I’m mad that the talent show got pushed back since I was so hyped for it to be this week” Hickman says. “I don’t care what day it is since I’m not nervous anyway.” Brough says.

The next act to watch for is sophomore Bronco Maxfield, singing and playing the piano. It takes a lot of guts to stand up in front of the whole school and play a difficult song. “I’ve been working on the song for a while. Brett Young wrote the song and I’m performing it for the entire school and I’m pretty nervous.” Young says. Its hard to tell how scary it is until you stand on that stage, and everyone is staring at you.

The last person to watch for is Ari Bender, singing and playing the electric guitar. She is a junior this year and is super excited to play in the talent show. “I’ve been working on a new song with electric guitar instead of acoustic guitar.” She has played in talent shows before so there is no sweat or nerves, you’ll be seeing from her.

Even though the show was pushed to next month, it will still be a fun event for everyone. Good luck to these three and everyone else performing!