Dettes go to state

Preslee Scott, Writer

Saturday, February 4th the Davis High D’Ettes got on a bus and headed down Utah Valley University. Seated 2nd in state the D’Ettes were ready to take on the competition.

“The energy on the bus was awesome, everyone was singing, dancing, and just excited to compete one last time.” Said Frankie Scott, a freshman on the drill team.

When spectators arrived at UVU there was a line all the way out of the building around the parking lot. People were all eager to get inside and watch their friends and family perform for some of their very last times on drill team. The Davis D’Ettes sections was sold out and full of fans.

“The line to go into UVU was so long we waited for like 25 minutes to get inside the building.” Said Camryn Jackson a Davis High student.

Once everyone was settled down the first category of routines to go on the floor was Military. Military is a very specific type of dancing famous with drill. It comes with angry faces, loud vocals, and very intricate movements. From and outside perspective it is quite odd, but the more you watch the more impressive the dancing becomes.

“Davis was first to go on for Military and killed it, they were sharp and started off the entire competition with a bang.” Said Casey Scott who’s daughter is a Davis High D’Ette.

The next category to go on the floor was dance routine. Dance routine is the type of dancing you would expect when going to a drill competition. They are usually very emotional and beautiful to watch. There are lots of tricks and turns to keep the audience amused and on the edge of their seats.

The final dance to be judged on the floor is show routine. This is known to be a fans favorite and the most fun to watch. Davis’s show routine this year was Sherlock Holmes. They dressed the part and performed a story on the floor while still keeping the hip hop style of show routine.

“Show routine is my favorite one to perform because it’s the funnest one to do. I love playing the character.” Said Frankie Scott.

Davis ended the night placing 4th in the entire state. They cheered for every winner in every category and were even more excited for their own wins that night. Ending the season on a high.