Boy basketball and their feelings on upcoming game


Kash Gates, Writer

The Davis High School basketball team has made it to tournament play and played Weber in the first round. This region one match up has been played twice this regular season; Davis has won two of the matchups.

” We beat them by a lot the first time, but the second time was closer, but still got the dub” Said confidently by Zach Fisher. Showing their success in the past and how they should be going into this game with confidence but still not looking over them.

“Colby Whicker is questionable but everyone else is ready to go” Fisher stated. Davis was thought to be without Colby Whicker but a last-minute game decision was made and he played.

Whicker played last night obviously not as healthy as he’s been in the past with an average of 12 points per game, but only having 3 points last night in 17 minutes. He will be a big help in the next round if he gets feeling better.

They had one of their weapons Fisher though, leading their team in points per game and rebounds a game. Fisher started the game aggressively, getting himself in foul trouble early.

Fisher getting into foul trouble would hold him back from playing a complete game playing only 21 minutes compared to others that played 36.

“We’ve got to keep Hunter Schenck from getting hot early in the game,” Said Fisher. Hunter averages 22.6 points per game and is the main threat of Weber Basketball.

They did just that because Hunter wasn’t doing much early in the game. Letting Davis get up by 12. Then at the end of the game in the 4th, Hunter Schenck hit another gear and started shooting lights out even ending the game with a half court.

But Coleman Atwater was helping keep Davis in the game with a team leading 18 points. Atwater kept getting fouled at the end by Weber but would let the free throws fall. Leading to a 58-52 win for Davis.

Davis High will move on to play Riverton in the 2nd round to get them into quarters and take them to Weber State to play their continuing game.