12 Davis High Wrestlers and 2 alternates qualified for State this year


Davis High has an amazing wrestling team here led by Coach Roundy. Coach Roundy qualified 12 wrestlers this year with 11 of them returning for the next season. Coach Roundy is a hardworking and dedicated coach here at Davis that puts absolutely everything into the team to help them succeed.

When asked the question what was the biggest challenge this year at state, Coach Roundy responded with, “6A Wrestling is the pinnacle of Utah Wrestling and we knew that we were going to need to rebuild this year… Our goal this year was to dig in and grow our roots strong and build a solid foundation! Our season wasn’t flashy, but we built mental toughness and got some valuable experience!”

This next season Roundy will get around 90% of his team back from the previous season. Having this many people having multiple years of experience will be a great help. This gives them time to grow as a team and get progressively better, learning from the previous season and taking it to the next.

Another question asked was what key things will you and the team will work on for the upcoming season. Roundy fired back with a great response of, “We are on track to being successful next year. There are many great post season and preseason opportunities in Utah, and we need to take advantage of those. We are excited about our future, and we are returning with some vengeance in our hearts and blood in our eyes!”

Coach Roundy values success as one of his priorities. In one of his answers on ways he and the team could have been more successful was, “There is a heavy price to pay in wrestling by commitment and dedication to the required daily grind this sport requires. We stayed healthy and strong, but we need to peak at the right time and we need to pay a higher price to be more successful by being early and staying late and getting those extra workouts in!”

The Davis High wrestling team has amazing potential for the upcoming season. With hard work and dedication from each and every wrestler they can achieve greatness. This next season, with an amazing talented coach, Davis High wrestlers are planning to be much more successful and let their hard work pay off.