Davis High’s theater teacher Michael Wright

Davis Highs theater teacher Michael Wright

Michael Wright is the theatre teacher at Davis High School. I took his class each semester last year and had so much fun in each class. He is a teacher who makes you really enjoy what you are doing in class. He is kind, empathetic, and can easily make anyone laugh. Trying to get to know him as a person more. I asked him questions about his opinions in relation to theatre. Musicals and plays can be emotional and bring people to tears. Whether it makes people laugh or cry, theatre can bring great feelings to a person.When asked if a student performance had ever made him cry, he replied, “Yes it happens a couple times a year. This year on “A Christmas Story’s” final night, Ellie and Ella who played the mother were choked up and it did make me emotional.”Watching high school musicals can be fun to watch but even more fun to be a part of. Michael says his favorite Davis High Performance to be a part of to date is “what they’re working on now, Crazy for you.”“It impacts you most as a person and you do as good as you.” He says when talking about working on the production. Working hard on something your passionate about can definitely be rewarding.A world bigger than high school musicals is Broadway. There are so many productions on Broadway that have been popular throughout the years. It can be interesting to step into the shoes of a fictional person and live their life on the stage.Michael said that out of the characters he could be on Broadway, he would want to be King George from the show Hamilton. “It’s the musical of the generation and it is so transformative and so special that way.”