The beginning of lacrosse season

The beginning of lacrosse season

Peter Debry, Writer

Carson Smolka a lacrosse player for Davis high school. Carson is a junior who plays the position of attack in lacrosse and is ready for the 2023 lacrosse season to start.

Smolka has being playing lacrosse for 9 years. He started when he was 8. He has always loved the sport of lacrosse. “My friend invited me to a lacrosse camp Davis was putting on I went and loved every minute of it” Carson said. He has played the attack position which is usually the one scoring the goals.

Last year Davis high school had a record of 17-2. “We have a chance at wining state this year because corner canyon lost many of their starters” Smolka said. Corner canyon was the school that beat Davis last year 20-3. So, it should be an easier match this year.

Smolka can’t wait to get on the field and play lacrosse. “When you’re playing, you’re totally in the moment and forget everything else going on.” Lacrosse can help him forget all about thing in his life. He just focuses on the game and only the game.

The team is ready to come together and start there season out. Many of them have amazing friendship not on the field but also off. They love playing the port and hanging out with the team at practice and at games.

Lacrosse has been more and more popular over the years. More people and students are going to the games to watch and support the athletes. Team members love the support from there parents and other students.

The Davis lacrosse team is more than a team. It is a family. They create friendship on the field. The players enjoy playing the game and are hoping for a good season. They are getting ready to start the season. Hoping to win the state 6A title for boy’s lacrosse. Good luck!