Davis High’s Morp and its theme dynamic duos


Kloee Brower, Writer

Along with the dance this past week, Davis also held a Morp spirit week, which included Monday jerseyday, Wednesday 80s, Thursday is school colors with the sophomores wearing gold, juniors wearingwhite, and seniors wearing brown, and lastly, Friday is movie night.
Lucas Hill, a sophomore here at Davis was part of the Morp planning committee. And according to him,everyone that was involved in planning the dance “enjoyed sharing / agreeing on ideas, and and pickingand choosing which ones would work for our school as well as getting excited about the theme and thespirit week leading up to the dance.”
Something fun about Morp that is also different from the other dances is that it’s not fancy and peopledon’t have to dress up. This dance is more just for fun and you can go with a date or stag with friends.It’s meant to be not as serious so that people can just have fun. Lucas Hill also said “he’s really excitedfor the theme, dynamic duos, and how it promotes people to feel more comfortable coming stag withfriends, or with a date, it’s a more chill dance where we can all just have fun”Also the dance will be heldin the cafeteria, just like the last dance.
Lucas Hill said we should go to this dance specifically because, “ with everything we’ve planned it shouldbe super fun and a blast, also with everything leading up to the dance like spirit week we are hoping thatit will hype everybody up and make them that more excited about the dance.”
With all of this in mind, so many people have poured so much other time into planning this dance andmaking sure that it will be fun for everyone that comes. With all the fun different fun events thatthey’ve planned leading up to the dance, like spirit week, the DJ, the setting and the theme this danceshould be one of the funniest, and we hope to see everyone there.