Sam Carlson’s new creative project Magnus 2

Ryan Cook, Writer

We have a lot of talent and creativity at Davis High School. One example that seems tostand out from the rest is Sam Carlson. Sam’s known for his interesting and unique style, funpersonality, and his creativity.
Magnus is Sam Carlson’s most recent project. This is a creative magazine with tons of content.The magazine will showcase beautiful photoshoots and fascinating fashion. The project involvesnine people in total, six who are students at Davis high.
When talking to Carlson about the magazine he shared excitement and passion forthe project. The plan to make a magazine all started with just an idea that popped into hishead. Although Sam did take inspiration from other magazines.
To make the magazine a reality took hard work. “The work I put in”, “Pushing myself”This was Sam’s answer when asked when what he is proudest of. Sam also mentioned aprevious magazine he made.
Carlson said he could see the progress in this second magazine. He also talked a little abouthis process. Sam had photo shoots with models where he set everything up. He would planoutfits, shoot in interesting places, and edit the photos to his standards.
“The clothing, we have lots of trendy clothes”- Sam enthusiastic responded when askedwhat he thinks people will be most excited about. I’m most excited to see the greatphotoshoots and the creative fashion.