Preview of upcoming outdoor track and field prospects


Evan Forbush, Writer

With Davis High Schools 108th year underway, the track and field is a great area for Davisas we have the greatest record for track and field region and state championships in the stateof Utah.
This year the team has some pretty good odds, at keeping that reputation going. Theyhave a pretty good chance at taking the region championship, out shining the others in ourregion.
We have some pretty good prospects in any events Bradley Maynes in the Hurdles,Brandon Geckler in the 400, Evan Forbush in Shot put, Jack Mosher in Javelin, and KennedyMaudsley in the Mile, and many others.
“I can’t wait to see how much I’ve improved” Geckler said excitedly, after putting in alot of work this offseason he’s ready to set some Davis High School Track and Field records forhis events.
Mosher’s main goal is to get on the all-time list for javelin at Davis. “I’m going tothrow 175 feet, because I need to to get on the all-time list” Mosher stated. While that is a veryimpressive feat, its already looking achievable this early in the season.
Maudsley’s, a long-distance specialist, says “I’m honestly super nervous, I justwant to do better then last year.” While she is our best girl distance runner, she still has thesame nerves that we all get before something important.
All in all, even with the low number of seniors on the team this year, Davis high still hasa strong crew that has lots of potential, no matter the event. And we have even more promisingnew athletes that will eventually lead to greatness.