Davis High and their anticipation for prom


Ellee Gapinski, Writer

Prom night is one of the most anticipated events in a high school student’s life. It is a nightwhen students get to dress up, dance and have fun with their friends. The excitement leadingup to prom night is contagious and it is common to see kids buzzing with excitement as the dateapproaches.
For weeks before prom night, students are busy planning and preparing. They spend hoursshopping for the perfect dress or tuxedo, picking out shoes and accessories, and deciding onhairstyles and makeup looks.
The anticipation builds as they make plans with their friends for pre-prom dinners and after-parties. “It is a window into freedom, people get dressed up in fancy clothes and somewherenice to eat then go to a fun dance.” says Spencer Stevenson when asked why he likes Prom.
On the day of prom, the excitement reaches a fever pitch. Students spend the day gettingready, taking pictures with their friends and families, and eagerly awaiting the start of the bigevent. As they arrive at the venue, they are greeted with music, lights, and the sight of theirclassmates all dressed up and looking their best. “The dinner, it feels more like hanging out withfriends. I like going out wherever it is in a nice dress.” Says Sarah Bishop.
Logan Linge says, “For me it is being able to go out and do fun things without worrying aboutschool, being with friends and having a fun time.” Once inside, the energy is electric. The DJplays the latest hits and students hit the dance floor, letting loose and having a blast. Theexcitement and joy are palpable as they dance, laugh, and make memories that will last alifetime.
In the end, prom night is a celebration of youth, friendship, and the joy of being alive. It is anight that students will never forget and one that they will cherish for years to come.