NBA All-Star Weekend


Xander Stanley, Writer

The 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City saw a huge dip in viewership from previousyears and people want change.
The NBA All Star game tends to be a very high scoring game due to the quality of the playersbut more so the lack of defense by both sides. This year Jayson Tatum put up 55 points in 35minutes, the most scored at any NBA All Star game ever, while Donovan Mitchell also put up 40points in 30 minutes which is the 8 most ever.
The past 3 NBA All Star games have been between Team Giannis and Team LeBron withLebron winning the past 2. This year’s game ended with Team Giannis winning 184-175.
Each quarter that either team won would mean $200,000 for their respective charities. TeamLeBron was playing for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah and Team Giannis was playing forRaise the Future. Team LeBron donated $200,000 and Team Giannis donated $550,000.
“Its great to see that the NBA donates to charity, but especially that they donate to local places tohelp our communities” said Doug Devore.
“The All-Star game was great, but I didn’t love everything, including the half time show. I wasvery upset that I did not know a single person performing. I was also upset that both team

captains where too injured to play in the game.” Dane Langpap said when asked about the All-
Star game.
“I thought the dunk contest was awesome this year, definitely the best in the last 5 years,McClung brought a whole new energy and did not miss a single dunk.” Said Langpapwhen asked about Mac McClung and the 2023 dunk contest.
Mac McClung who is a player on a two-way contract with the 76ers and NBA G-League teamDelaware Blue Coats was relatively unknown heading into All-Star Weekend but after winningthe dunk contest he has gone viral. McClung had one of the best performances in a while,scoring 999 points out of 1000 and completely obliterating his competition.