FFA and their impact on Davis High students


Ryker Jensen, Writer

FFA originally standing for the future farmers of America is a group at Davis high school that helpsstudents to build up their skills. The FFA no longer goes by the future farmers of America because theywant to be open to all types of students not just farmers as you may learn many valuable skills throughthe FFA program.
While participating in FFA you get to be part of a family at Davis high that travels together tocompetition wear Davis competes against other schools chapters. There are many thinks that you cancompete in while in FFA including but not limited to livestock judging, horse judging, food testing,welding, and many more skills.
The FFA program teaches students about agricultural living and how to be self-sufficient as well as waysto find a job in the agriculture business. “While I have been in FFA I have learned many new skills andhad a ton of fun with the other chapter members while competing. “Peter Debry stated happily.
During FFA events you get to meet with the other chapters from other schools and make a lot of newfriends with common interests to you. While at competition FFA members wear official dress whichconsists of a white button up shirt, black pants and an FFA jacket zipped to the top as well as a tie.
When asked what his favorite part of FFA is Boston Clemens stated eagerly “ I get to skip school andhangout with my friends learning how to do my skills better and having fun while doing it.” ChristianCrowley responded to the question of who is allowed to join FFA by saying “anyone with an agricultureclass with Mr. Spaulding I welcomed. And would have a ton of fun coming to competition and hangingout with the chapter members.