The most picture perfect spring break


Tate Archibald, Writer

Spring Break, one of the most exciting times of the year. Not just for students though. Teachers also get to have this break. Some people like to go to exotic destinations, other people like to stay home and sleep in (hopefully) and there is no homework (hopefully). Even though everyone in Davis County goes to Saint George, it is still a good time.

All jokes aside everyone likes to do different things during spring break and its all different. “I want to go messing around and causing chaos all over with my buddies during spring break.” Sophomore Alex Herrera says.

“Probably going to Hawaii with my family” says Senior Doug Devore.

“An Oregon coast trip with all of my friends and family” says George Hickman.

Again, everyone is different and so are their preferences for things like spring break. Some people stay home, some people go far away, some people do little “staycations” and stay close to home but get the feeling of going on a trip.

“Playing Fortnite with friends the whole time” says both Sawyer Shiner and Josh Nielson.

“Best way to spend spring break is to spend it without homework and with friends and family” says Harvey Robbins.

“Hawaii and surfing and beaches during spring break” says Ben Smith.

With how this winter is going, some people will be able to ski all through spring break. Which is interesting since last spring break it was probably 40 degrees and sunny. But this winter and spring is different. Snowing in March?!

“Doing what you like to do. Surround yourselves with friends and cool people.” Says junior Cameron Littlefield.

Spring Break is such a fun time no matter what you do. Stay home or go away, it will still be an outstanding time with no homework. (teachers take note…).