The best way to find the best donut


Ryan Cook, Writer

Donuts, a guilty pleasure for many. There’s not many things better than a donut when you are hungry. Depending on who you ask you may find that many have very strong opinions about there donuts.


You can buy donuts from many different places. Deciding were to get a donut can very depending on convenience and quality. There’s no doubt that some shops make better tasting donuts than others. So where should you buy your donuts


Using Davis High School as the point of reference we can began to figure out what’s best for you. “Bowmans is the classic, can’t beat them” Wyatt Horning, talking about his favorite donuts.

Bowmans is a great option. You can get great donuts for a cheap price at a close location. You can ask anyone at Davis and odds are they have enjoyed one of these fresh donuts. However Bowmans isn’t the only local option.


“Tasty’s has the best donuts” Damon Dizzle said followed by a growl in his stomach. The option that seems to be forgotten but can never be beaten. Tasty’s has provided donut to Davis High Students since the old building.


Tasty’s is just down the road from Bowmans and is slightly more expensive, but makes up for both cons with quality. Nothing can beat these amazing donuts. There is something so amazing about biting into Tasty’s sweet treat of a donut.


Picking where to buy the donut is only half the battle. Next you have to figure out what donut you want. Any thing from classic glaze to chocolate sprinkle vanilla pudding stuffed donuts.


“Maple donut” Wyatt Horning sternly states, “Sprinkle vanilla” Jake Sorenson struggles to explain while licking his lips and “glaze” says Damon Dizzle closing his laptop to go buy a donut.


Every person has a different preference in donut. To figure out what you like first you must know a few things. Do you like sweetness. Do you like multiple flavors at once, and how fancy do you want your donut to be?


After figuring this out, find a donut that appears to meet your standards. After that you have to experiment a little and truly refine your taste. Soon you will be a donut crazed fool.