Darts fall in Intense battle

Darts fall in Intense battle

Jake Stewart, Writer

Last Thursday boys lacrosse went to face off against Olympus. “This is one of the hardest match ups” Danny Brough states. Olympus has a great chance at state this year.

The Darts struggled against their aggressive defense. “It was hard to get inside and score. Their defense was super aggressive.” This aggressive defense created controversy.

Davis players got very upset by the officiating. Referees would not call cheap shots that would throw off Davis’ game plan. “I don’t like to blame the refs, but it was the worst officiating I have been apart of” Brough says.

At the end of the game, players could not take it anymore. There was a huge fight with parents at Olympus and Davis players. It was a huge scene. “Looking back it was embarrassing how upset we got. At the time I was fuming”

“Brough finishes his statement by saying, “I think the biggest thing is we don’t trust each other as we play. We just need to understand how we all play and learn to communicate on the field.”

Team captain Emerson Bell says “team morale needs to improve. This season has been off to a hard start, partly playing corner canyon and Olympus so early, but we need to go back to the roots: having fun.”

Davis is notorious for being a successful lacrosse team. They had the first loss to Fremont in five years just last week. The team has talent but figuring out how to use this talent together and work as a team is the challenge.

This is what high school sports are about: learning to work hard and creating great memories. The lacrosse team is currently working on team bonding activities that will bring everyone together. Hopefully this team can figure things out before playoffs!