The beginning of Senioritis 


Preslee Scott, Writer

As the end of the year approaches more and more seniors have stopped showing up for classes. This is something the high school generation likes to call “senioritis”.

By the end of the year seniors seem to lose motivation to go perform well and come to school. Most have already committed to colleges and are just trying to finish the classes that they need to graduate.

“It’s hard to find the motivation to come to school when I already got into college and only have a few classes to finish high school.” Said Camryn Jackson

Most seniors only have a certain amount of classes they need to attend to finish high school. Most of the time it is electives and an English class they need to graduate. For the rest of their schedule they will have home release where they can stay home and sleep in or leave school early.

“I have ceramics twice in a row because I love that class and it’s something easy that I like going to.” Said Jackson

Like Jackson a lot of seniors are trying to squeeze in classes that they love that might help with that senioritis. Having a class later in the day and a class that you actually like to attend is a great way to help avoid senioritis.

Other kids are trying to squeeze as much college courses in before they graduate. It’s a great thing to do CE and AP classes if you can during high school. It gets you a head start on college credits and is a lot cheaper than doing it at the university that you decide to go to.

“I decided to take AP Calculus this year because it is one class that I don’t want to have to worry about when I get to college. It’s a good one to get over with while you’re in high school.” Said Jackson.

Graduation for the 2023 class is just around the corner and senioritis is just getting started.