The never ending winter


Tate Archibald, Writer

The groundhog saw his shadow. He really saw his shadow. Winter should’ve ended last month. Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, saw his shadow on February 2nd, 2023. almost 2 months later, we have a foot of snow and more in the forecasts.

As a person who enjoys winter and being in the snow, this is getting old even for me and other people who enjoy winter. Snowbasin Ski resort in Huntsville Utah has had a record breaking year. 506″ and counting, beating the previous record of 475″.

Weird isn’t it? Last year everybody was complaining about the fact that we had no snow, and by this time last year, it was 70 degrees and sunny. This year we have snow on the ground and steady weeks of temperatures below 50 degrees every day.

Summer sports will be quite difficult with how this winter and spring are going. Sports that are in the Mountains such as hiking and mountain biking and hiking will be impossible to do until middle or late summer.

“I am really not liking it since all of our soccer games were cancelled and it is really cold outside”. says sophomore on the soccer team Parker Anderson.

“I don’t like it cause it is almost April and we are still getting tons of snow and it should be warming up outside and I wanna do things outside without being cold.” Says sophomore Amara Dibb.

Nearing the end of school, it should be warm and sunny outside, or at least sorta warm right? The weather says no. The forecasts for weeks have just been snow, snow, snow, and you guessed it, more snow.

“I think it is outrageous that we have snow right now but I am pretty excited to ski in July.” says Izzy Koenig.

True, skiers would be pretty excited about this since if you ski park, spring skiing is right up you alley since the last thing that melts on that mountain, are the parks so theoretically, we could be skiing in June.

Either way you see it, this winter is interesting and different, something new. But everyone thinks different about it. Either way, its a pretty strange year.